About Us

Restokit is the meal kit delivery service which connects exceptional restaurants with you, to recreate the dining-out experience from the comfort of home.

Excellent choice

Quality produce

Carefully sourced

Expertly prepared

Sustainable packaging

Personable service

Simple assembly

Restaurant quality meals

Restokit houses a collection of like-minded restaurants offering multiple menus from various different cuisines and for dietary requirements, with simple finishing and plating instructions for you to assemble easily at home.

How we started

Restokit was born in lockdown, during a time where it became entirely impossible to eat out at restaurants, and thus impossible to eat our favourite dishes and restaurant-quality food.
Restaurants have since diversified, fueled by much creativity, and out of this came Restokit.

To honour this connection, we have an optional £1 donation to the charity Hospitality Action which is helping those in the restaurant industry who have been affected by coronavirus.